It’s a very fast way to analyze any piece of marketing you do to generate leads for your business. There are things your prospects want and need to hear from you before they are going to do business with you. If you set up your marketing messages to tell your prospects what they really want to hear before they do business with you, the leads your marketing generates for you will increase, it’s really that simple.

The One Second Marketing Analysis was created to help you as a Home Improvement Contractors separate your company from all of the competition out there. Most companies market themselves exactly the same way as their competitors and this does one thing. It makes it impossible for your prospect to make a good choice on whether they use you or your competitor to remodel their home.

When your marketing looks the same as your competitors the only thing your prospect can use to decide who to hire is price.

Using the “One Second” Marketing Analysis will show you how to separate yourself from the pack and stand out. Also you’ll discover, if your marketing could be better exactly how to make it better.

Making a couple of very simple changes could mean the difference in getting one lead or 100 leads from your marketing.

Marketing is sure not cheap so making sure you’re sending the best message possible is not only extremely important, it could mean the difference in whether or not your company survives in an economy full of low price leaders.

One of the biggest challenges you have as a reputable home improvement contractor is how do you let the prospect know you are the best choice and not the guy out there that was just laid off from his manufacturing job so he threw a hammer and a saw in the back of his truck and called himself a contractor.

Obviously this guy is going to have cheaper prices than you do, he doesn’t have any overhead and most likely is not licensed or even worse has no insurance to protect the prospect if something goes wrong.

Letting your prospects know these things will allow you to set yourself apart from the crowd, charge more for your services and still close the deal!

Here’s the thing, you have to get in front of the prospect before you can let them know all these things and if your marketing isn’t working to it’s best ability you’ll probably never get the chance to even tell your story.

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