Trifecta Marketing Membership For Contractors

This Total Trifecta Marketing package worth $945.00 is yours today for a FRACTION of the cost…That is, if you keep reading!

“Discover How You Can Exploit The Most Important Marketing Tool You Could Possibly Be Using TODAY To Firmly Establish Yourself As THE Industry Expert, Create A Customer List That Will Buy From You Again And Again…And Generate New Customers To Boot!”

Dear Contractor,

We call it the Trifecta Marketing, because it targets the only three methods of making more profits and generating more jobs in your business all with just one product.

Essentially if you want to make more money there are only three ways to do it.

  1. Get more new customers
  2. Sell more to existing customers
  3. Raise your prices

The Trifecta Marketing Membership targets and is proven to enhance all three of these for your business.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We’ll bring you new customers through getting your business found online in websites, social media sites, blogs and more. (You may be thinking, but I don’t have those things even if I did, I wouldn’t know what to put on them. Don’t worry, we’ll set up everything and manage it 100% for you. You just reap the rewards of new customers.)
  2. You’ll sell more to your existing customers because with the Marketing Trifecta we’re putting your business in front of them each month with a reason to call you, instead of waiting around for them to call you. We’ll also tempt these folks to refer you to their friends and family. If each customer you ever worked for were to refer you to just one more customer, you’d double your business this year!
  3. The Trifecta Marketing piece will give your prospects valuable knowledge they can use when it comes to maintaining their homes and avoiding nightmarish situations with unethical, un-qualified remodelers. And, will position you as the expert remodeler in your area which will mitigate your competitors and allow you to charge premium prices for the same services you’re offering right now.

Reasons Why The Trifecta Marketing Membership Is Perfect For You:

  1. You’ll build a community of “loyal” customers. Becoming a “member” of something is one of the most powerful psychological triggers that signify to people they’re on the “inside”. This will build the value of your product/service and give you the ability to charge higher fees and attract better customers. (Value $199.00 per month).
  2. Social Media is the hottest buzz word in marketing, and for a good reason. you’re prospects spend around an hour per day looking at it. Consistent postings will give your business great visibility. Posts for social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (Value $199.00 per month)
  3. You’ll have a time tested PROVEN customer attracting blueprint working for you. That way you’re not fumbling around, wondering what to do. I’ve already done all the work. All you do is sit back and wait for the phone to ring.
  4. You’ll be able to put you “in front” of your customers, clients and prospects. Hardly anybody does this…and this will put you at a HUGE advantage over your competitors who don’t know anything about marketing this way. A fully written 2 page monthly newsletter with your company information and branding, which we’ll email to your customers for you. (Value $497.00 per month).
  5. You’ll achieve a tremendous confidence in knowing you have LOYAL customers that will buy from you again and again…thanks to the Trifecta Marketing you’re about to employ. This is an “Income Anytime You Want” position, where any time you want we can send a letter or an email and your customers give you money.

Admittedly, The Marketing Trifecta Package Should
Be Pretty DARN Expensive, But It’s Not!

The full package with bonuses should be $945.00 per month. Since you’re a VIP RemodelingBusinessBlueprint listener, I decided to reduce your investment to $497 per month Only $259 per month when you Take Action Now, there are only 20 memberships available and then this offer will close for an undetermined period.

Think about it, that’s a drop in the bucket considering the fact considering just one new job could completely cover your costs for the whole year.

The investment will be irrelevant when you experience increased customer retention and more money under Your terms. It’ll be just an insignificant amount compared to how the Trifecta Marketing  Membership is going to bolster your business and make you the “go-to” remodeler in your town.

Letting Our Experienced Team Do The Heavy Lifting For you Will Probably Help You Recoup Your Investment With The Very First Campaign We Send!

And the best part is you’re covered by my “No Contract” Commitment.

So there’s no way you can make a mistake. If you’re not 100% satisfied (or for no reason at all) you can cancel immediately at any time.

You see, many contractors make a lot of big mistakes when it comes to their marketing. They think it’s all about putting a “logo” in front of a prospect and “how many times a prospect see’s or hears an add”.

There’s more to it than that. Just throwing your logo and phone number in front of someone doesn’t get them to call you.

You want to build a relationship with your customers and prospects and all the while make them offers to buy something.

I’m sure you can figure out for yourself, once you have a relationship with your customers and prospects they are going to consciously and subconsciously think of you as the industry expert and never even think about calling your competition!

So you can try to “figure this out” yourself or hire some one off ad salesman and “test and tweak” for months or even years to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Or you can buy an established PROVEN system that works for you every month…

…without you living a finger.

This is the MOST powerful marketing tool you can get to grow your business. It’s brought in millions of dollars for many businesses, and now’s the time to “get in the game” and start a “loyal customer following” right now.

Otherwise, you’ll be be swimming upstream with all of your competitors…constantly fighting for jobs and lowballing your prices to get work to make up for all the work you lost because you didn’t “win their loyalty”.

Yes David! I’m Ready To Rake In More Sales & Higher Profits Thanks To Discovering Your PROVEN Trifecta Marketing Membership That’ll Keep My Customers and Prospects Wanting More!

I know this will position me as the “go-to” person in my city and I’ll attract more authority and POWER in my marketplace – allowing me to raise my prices and attract more of my ideal customers.

I know that I could get my money back again and again when I’m able to create long-lasting bonds with my customers so they’ll trust me and continue to give me money over and over.

And I know I’m covered by your satisfaction guarantee, so there’s no way I can make a mistake here. If I’m not 100% satisfied I can cancel my membership easily and at any time.

– Yes David, I’m ready! Please get me started in the Marketing Trifecta Membership so I can start funneling more leads to my business like a race horse on steroids!!

Affluent Contractor’s
“Trifecta Marketing”

trifecta marketing membership for contractors

Only $497
$259 Until The Next 5 Spots Are Sold

…Get exclusive access to a LIVE half hour call with me personally to discuss anything happening in your business and generate strategies to Add Thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

  • In this call you have private access to me to focus exclusively on you and your business.
  • Every word of this conversation will remain 100% confidential

This Special Bonus Will Only Be Available To The First 5 People Who Purchase Their Membership!

Plus! When you’re one of the first 5 to take advantage of this incredible offer you also get:

Bonus 1 – Fully written 2 page monthly newsletter layout with your company information and branding, completely written, ready to print and mail out to your prospects. (Don’t have a prospect list? We can help you with that too).

Bonus 2 – Email contact hosting. We will keep your email contacts in a secure database for you, keep you safe from spam claims and email send two emails per month on your behalf at no extra charge. (Value $50.00 per month). No Extra Charge!

Bonus 3 – Well print and mail (First Class) your 2 page newsletter for just $1.50 each for full color printing or $0.76 each for black and white printing.

Profit To The People,




David A. Hawke

P.S. There are only three ways to add profit to your business, Get more customers, Sell More to existing customers, Raise Your Prices. The marketing Trifecta Membership allows you to maximize all three. And, at a significantly lower cost than most any other form of effective marketing.

So if you’re already doing some marketing, and the results are not as good as you thought they would be, this is for you.

And if you’ve just starting out with marketing your business, you’ll get off to a great start. Take action now and secure your seat in The Trifecta Marketing Membership!